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Simple and easy to install, SuperFOIL Rad packs help save money on your energy bills by reflecting 95% of the wasted energy from your radiator back into your home instead of through the walls.

SuperFOIL multipurpose wrap makes saving energy a breeze, with instant saving on your energy bills!


Made from 3.6mm thick bubble foil insulation.

Each pack contains 5m long by 60cm wide radiator reflector foil which covers approx. 3 average size radiators

Simply cut to the size of your radiator and attach into place with the self-adhesive stickers provided.



Fits all radiators & there’s no need for your radiator to be removed! We’ve included self-adhesive pads, so simply cut the insulation foil to size & stick to the wall behind your radiator.



Our high-quality foil insulation is specially designed to maximise energy savings & minimise heat loss in your home - you’ll notice the saving on your heating bills!



Each pack contains 5m x 60cm of SuperFOIL radiator insulation. That’s enough for 3+ radiators!



Our 3.6mm bubble foil insulation reflects over 95% of heat back into your room, giving you the best protection against radiation heat loss through low emissivity technology.



Our radiator foil insulation is tested to the highest UK standards



All the SuperFOIL products are made from up to 40% recycled materials

What is Multipurpose Wrap?

SuperFOIL multipurpose wrap is an aluminium and bubble foil insulation suitable for use just about anywhere! Made from corrosive resistant materials, you can be sure that SuperFOIL multipurpose wrap will last.  Also featuring a 3 in 1 designing, providing you with insulation, a vapour control layer and a radiant barrier.  

SuperFOIL multipurpose wrap is quick and simple to install. No Specialist tools or DIY skills required!


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By fitting radiator insulation

the average household will save £180 per year!

How To Install


Cut to Size

Simply measure your radiator and cut the bubble foil to the correct size using a pair of scissors. 


Peel off self-adhesive pads

Attach the self-adhesive pads to the bubble foil as required to ensure adequate coverage when in place.  


Affix Behind radiator

Lower the bubble foil into place behind the radiator, ensuring that the product is in the correct place.
When happy with the placement, apply the product to the wall, ensuring the self-adhesive pads are firmly stuck to the wall. 

Why choose SuperFOIL Multipurpose Wrap?

SuperFOIL is a name known around the world for providing high performing, lost cost multifoil insulation, and this includes our multipurpose wrap. A highly versatile product, you should always have a roll of multipurpose wrap to hand!  


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SuperFOIL multipurpose wrap is suitable for a wide range of applications! From home, garden to campervans and more!


Where Can I Use Multipurpose Wrap?

Multipurpose wrap is a highly versatile product that can be used in a multitude of ways ( hence the name!) It can be used for insulation in your home, garden, garage, pet enclosures, campervans and so much more.

How Do I Install Multipurpose Wrap?

SuperFOIL multipurpose wrap is simple to install and requires no specialist tools or DIY expertise! Simply roll the product out, cut to the correct size and staple into place. It doesn’t matter which way you place the product, as both sides act as a radiant barrier and low emissivity air space due to their reflective properties.

Do rad packs work?

Yes! We have many happy customers who use our rad packs. By reflecting 95% of the heat back from the radiator that would usually be lost through the wall, you are ensuring that your radiators are working more effectively, and therefore heating your home better.

What coverage will I get from a roll?

The roll measures 1m x 7m and is 3.6mm thick. This will give you a coverage of 7 sqm per roll.

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SuperFOIL Radiator Insulation Foil RadPack (5m x 60cm) – 3.6mm Heat Reflective Reflector Bubble Foil | Save Energy & Save Money – Insulates up to 3 Radiators Per Pack

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