10sqm Reliance Underfloor Heating Kit Radiator Extension Conversion System


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This single zone kit is perfect for small rooms (bathrooms, conservatories, kitchens, bedrooms). It is designed to link up directly with the radiator circuit and as such requires no additional wiring. The temperature is controlled by the mixing valve.

Kit includes:

  • 22mm Reliance Heatguard UFH Blending Valve
  • 50m of PE-RT-AL-PE-RT underfloor heating pipe
  • 25m of Edge Insulation
  • 2 Pipe connector fittings
  • 100 Pipe clips

Reliance Heatguard UFH Blending Valve Features:

  • High flow rates – suitable for systems up to 14kW
  • Superb temperature control
  • Quick reaction to supply temperature changes
  • User adjustable between 35°C to 65°C
  • Compression type connections for ease of installation
  • Lockable temperature adjustment mechanism
  • Flow supply temperature 90°C max
  • Temperature stability +/- 2°C

Notes for installation of Blender Valves

Use the 2 x 15 to 16mm adapters (supplied)  at each end of the PE-RT-AL-PE-RT underfloor pipe to adapt it to 15m copper fittings.
All other connections to your boiler or rad pipework will be in copper (purchase these to suit your existing pipework)
Connecting the blender valve.
1) The blended water (centre outlet of the valve) is connected to the flow that feeds the underfloor PE-RT-AL-PE-RT pipe this will carry the warm water to the floor.
 2) The cold (return) pipework requires a TEE before the blender valve  ( purchase fittings to suit your existing pipe work) this TEE connects a) the underfloor return pipe b) the blender valve c) the boiler or rad return .  The TEE will feed the cooler (return) water to either the boiler /rad run or the blender valve ( or both)   as and when needed to maintain a stable temperature around the floor.
3) The hot (flow) from your rad run / boiler connects to the hot side of the blender valve. (purchase fittings to suit your existing pipe work)
Set the temperature adjustment on the blender valve at 1/3 from its coldest setting point, give the floor 24 hours at least to come to a stable temperature , then adjust the temperature of the floor using small adjustments, bearing in mind that the floor is acting as a very large radiator and it will take some time to adjust to the new  temperature. Repeat this until you have the heat output that you require.
Below is an example installation
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