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15sqm SF40BB Multifoil Reflective Insulation Air Seal Radiant Barrier – Roof Wall



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Roll Size: 10m Long by 1.5m Wide = 15 SQM

Thickness: 75mm

R Value: Upto 3.98

Maximum insulation, minimum space Lightweight, flexible & easy to install U-value solutions as low as 0.1 Ideal for new build or retrofit Fits over or under rafter Breathable membrane and insulation layer all in one Made from 40% recycled materials SuperFOIL is the UK’s highest performing multi-layer foil insulation, use to reach levels 3, 4, 5 and 6 of the Code for Sustainable Homes. SF40BB provides a barrier to the movement of air whilst allowing moisture to escape from the building reducing the risk of condensation. SF40BB is a breathable membrane and insulation all in one. In situ energy assessment indicates that multi layer foils have benefits over traditional (non reflective) insulation. SuperFOIL SF40BB maximises roof and wall insulation within an efficient amount of space.

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