24sqm Roll Of SFTV 1L Foil Thermal Reflective Vapour Membrane Insulation


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This listing is for 24sqm Rolls of SFTV 1L

SuperFOIL SFTV the ultimate all-round building membrane for roofs, walls and floors. Water & vapour proof SFTV is also a foil radiant barrier that will reduce solar gain in summer and improve insulation in winter. SFTVs reflective properties add to the overall U-value of the building fabric. To achieve the maximum energy performance in new build and retrofit projects, SFTV makes an ideal airtight layer suitable for the entire building envelope.


  • SFTV is 100% Waterproof and resists the passage of moisture through walls, floors and ceilings.
  • Installing SFTV to manufacturers guidelines aids the airtightness of a building.
  • SFTV is a radiant barrier. It can be used to enhance thermal performance U-values in both new build and renovation projects.
  • SFTV is a vapour proof barrier and restricts the passage of warm moist air from within the building from penetrating into the structure of the building.
  • SFTV is suitable for roof and wall applications.
  • SFTV helps to prevent mould and damp.
  • SFTV reduces both convective and radiant heat loss.





Resistance to water penetration BS 4016 – Pass
Hydrostatic head EN 20811 > 200cm
Water Vapour Performance BS EN ISO 12572
Emmisivity ASTM C1371-04A 0.04
Tensile Strength EN 12311-1 L:705 W:355
Tear resistance EN 12310-1 L:212 W:111



Width 1.2m
Length 20m
Total Coverage (per roll) 24sqm
Weight per roll 4kg
Colour Reflective Silver Foil
Packing 142 Poly Tube
Dimensions packed 1.2m x 100mm

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