DHV-20B Heat Recovery Ventilation Unit – Suitable for areas up to 210sqm


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Heat Recovery Ventilation

Heat Exchanger

Aluminium Heat Exchanger

High performance aluminium heat exchanger, transfers heat to the incoming air supply with an efficiency of up to 90%.

Ideal for those who require the highest level of energy saving. These units come with a built in condensate tray that needs to be connected to a drain.

Unit Comparison Chart

Unit Type
Normal Unit
Auto Bypass Unit
Pre-Heat Unit
Fan Motor Power (W)
68 / 52
68 / 52
68 / 52
Air Volume (High/Mid/Low M3/h)
200 / 170 / 150
200 / 170 / 150
200 / 170 / 150
Noise (dBA)
Unit Dimensions (mm)
746 x 507 x 240
1075 x 784 x 270
 746 x 507 x 240
Package Size (mm)
805 x 575 x 315
1125 x 830 x 345
805 x 575 x 315
Spigot Diameter (mm)
Weight (kg)

HRVU Guide

Heat Recovery Ventilation (also known as HRV, or mechanical MHVR) is an energy recovery system whereby a household or room is provided with fresh air from outside. Stale air from inside is exhausted after the heat from it has been transferred to the fresh incoming air via a heat exchanger.

As buildings are made efficient they are intentionally made more air tight, and consequently they are less well ventilated. Trickle vents or simply opening a window provide fresh air, but unfortunately heat will be lost in the winter and gained in the summer. HRV systems provide a household with climate control and promote energy efficiency!

Please click here to read our full “easy install” guide.

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Boulder Developments HRVU – YouTube

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This is an example of an installation with one inlet or outlet per room. With this set up, you would extract from your wet rooms (kitchen, bathrooms)& push into your dry rooms (Living rooms, bedrooms). This is an example of an installation with two inlets / outlets per room. With this set up, you would extract and push into each room. Normally the fresh air vent would be placed as far away from the door as possible.

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