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Manual / LCD / Intelligent Control / Controllers for Boulder HRVU Units


£31.44£117.34 Inc. VAT


Manual / LCD / Intelligent Control / Controllers for Boulder HRVU units

Please choose desired controller from the options above

3 Speed Controller

Standard LCD 3 speed controller for use with boulder developments HRVU units

LCD Controls (for Pre-Heat or Auto-Bypass units)

LCD controls designed for use with our auto-bypass and pre-heat HRVU units complete with clock and temperature display.

Premium Intelligent LCD Controls

New intelligent controller that can monitor indoor temp, humidity and CO2 concentration in real time! The signal is used to directly control the start up and speed of fan. If you value the quality of air in your home, this controller is a powerful tool and can greatly assist in providing a healthy, comfortable and energy efficient environment.

  • View details about air quality in real time
  • Temperature, Humidity and CO2 Concentration displayed
  • Intelligent control of your HRVU system
  • Automatic or Manual settings
  • Programmable and highly configurable


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