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SuperFOIL Radiator Insulation Foil RadPack (5m x 60cm) – 3.6mm Heat Reflective Reflector Bubble Foil | Save Energy & Save Money – Insulates up to 3 Radiators Per Pack

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  • EASY TO INSTALL: fits all radiators & there’s no need for your radiator to be removed! We’ve included self adhesive pads, so simply cut the insulation foil to size & stick to the wall behind your radiator.
  •  REDUCE YOUR BILLS: our high quality foil insulation is specially designed to maximise energy savings & minimise heat loss in your home – you’ll notice the saving on your heating bills!
  • MULTI-RADIATOR PACK: each pack contains 5m x 60cm of SuperFOIL radiator insulation. That’s enough for 3+ radiators!
  • HIGH PERFORMANCE: our 3.6mm bubble foil insulation reflects over 95% of heat back into your room, giving you the best protection against radiation heat loss through low emissivity technology.
  • GUARANTEED QUALITY: Our radiator foil insulation is tested to the highest UK standards. SuperFOIL products are LABC, BBA & BRE-certified to ensure the best performance.

Reflective Radiator Insulation – Returns heat back into the living space, prevents energy loss and saves money.

SuperFOIL RadPack provides an economical solution to prevent heat loss and reduce household energy bills. 

Installed behind radiators, SuperFOIL RadPack works by reflecting over 95% of radiant energy away from the wall and back into the living space. 

Easy to install with no mess, just cut to fit the radiator and secure using the self-adhesive pads. SuperFOIL RadPack fits all radiator sizes and there’s no need to remove your radiator from the wall.

SuperFOIL RadPack is an environmentally friendly way to improve home energy efficiency and reduce your carbon footprint.


From the Manufacturer

SuperFOIL products offer high-performance, multi-purpose insulation for efficient insulation to retain heat and save on energy bills. For use in a variety of home and DIY applications ranging from roofs, walls and floors to caravans, kennels and sheds. 


SuperFOIL products are manufactured to the highest UK and EU standards and tested with the highest authorities. SuperFOIL products are LABC and BBA certified so you can trust that you are buying the highest quality DIY insulation products on the market.

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