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SuperFOIL SFNC Non Combustible Multifoil Insulation 20mm & 40mm Thickness


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SuperFOIL SFNC is a non combustible Multifoil fire barrier Certified by BRE.

Available in 1m Lengths (1.2m Wide) – use the selector box above for desired length.

SFNC should not to be confused with flame or fire retardant products; SFNC is certified NON COMBUSTIBLE with European standard ISO 1182 & ISO 1716:2010 class A1 rating, the highest rating under the current European Fire Classification system (BS EN 13501-1).

In situations where you need fire resistance and the benefits of efficient insulation SuperFOIL SFNC is the product to use.

SFNC gives the client, specifier and installer a lightweight, flexible and easy to install solution to passive fire protection requirements.

SuperFOIL SFNC adds a non-combustible insulation to the extensive range of SuperFOIL products.

Technical Data:

Roll Size : 1.2m wide, 1m lengths (custom sizes and shapes available to order)
Thickness : 40mm (also available in 20mm and 10mm increments up to 100mm)
Core R-Value : 1.24 (40mm )

Roof – R-Value (With 2 Air Gaps): 2.16
Roof – R-Value (with 1 Air Gap): 1.7

Wall – R-Value (With 2 Air Gaps): 2.61
Wall – R-Value (with 1 Air Gap): 1.92

Emissivity : 0.04 (EN 16012)

Fire Resistance : Class A1

NB. versions 40mm and above are supplied as 2 layers for ease of installation.


Performance Details
Glass Fibre reinforced heavy laminated aluminium foil 2 Layers
High Density E Glass Fibrematte 1 Layer
Total Layers 3
Thickness Installed 20mm
Roll Dimensions 1.2m x 8.35m
Total Area Per Roll 10sqm
Packing 142 Poly Tube
Weight Per Roll 14kg
Dimensions Packed 1.2m x 0.28m


Specification Data
R Value (SFNC + 2 Air Gaps – EN 6946) 1.99
Core R Value 0.62
Thermal Conductivity 0.0318
Emissivity (ASTM C1371) 0.04
Water Resistance
BS EN 20811:1992 (1996
BS 4016:1997 (Annex B)
> 1000cm / Pass
Tear Strength
(ISO 13937-2:1996)
Warp 515 N/50mm
Warp 600 N/50mm
Fire Resistance
(ISO 1182 & ISO 1716:2010)
Class A-1
(BS EN 13501-1-2007)


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